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Check out some of the most viewed Live Rescue moments from St. Louis, Missouri.

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"Live Rescue" follows firefighters, paramedics and EMTs from across the country as they bravely put their lives on the line responding to emergency rescue calls. Emmy® Award-winner Matt Iseman joins “Live Rescue” with impressive media and medical credentials.

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We got a report from a citizen that he saw a white male in a black vehicle slumped over like he was OD or something.

We're going to go and investigate.


What we're doing.

Hey, right, there.

Yeah., Door's, locked., Door's, locked.

I thought you were going to get to be Big Easy.

This man's, not breathing.

He is breathing.

Need help.

Let's get him out.

Let's get him out.

Hold on.

Hold, on., Hold, on., Hold, on., Hold, on., OK., Got, him?, Yeah.


Anyone know him? It's on., Positive., It's, on., Hey, bud., Hey., Hey.

What's, going on, man? Take, a breath.

Take, a big breath.

I'll be right: back.

I'm, going to get some gloves.

Got you.

Hey, take a breath.

Big breath.

You, all right, man? What's, your name? What's, your name? What's, your name? Stay right, here., Just, relax., You're, OK.

We're, helping you out.

OK? We're with the fire.


We just give you some medicine.

You overdosed.

OK? Take, a deep breath.


You go.

We noticed that weren't sure if he was breathing or not.

We made entry into the vehicle using the captain's tool, pulled him out, and resuscitated him.

Used a bag valve mask, gave him supplemental oxygen, and then we use a Narcan on him.

A lot of times.

The car is unlocked.


If we need to break a window, if we're not sure if the person's breathing, we'll do anything necessary to gain entry., He's, breathing now.

He's, talking now.

Medic unit, 9, arrived, and they're, going to transport him to the hospital.

We've received a call for an unknown odor at a residence.

The things that cross my mind are sewer, sewer, gas, sewer, smell.

It could be natural gas and the collar just doesn't know the smell.


We go in with our multi gas detector.

We're, going to sniff out the area and see if we get any readings on that.

We'll also use our own noses to try to identify the smell.


Would you hit that alley? Over there? Yeah., I'm, smelling like-- OK.

Is that what you're smelling? Yeah.

WOMAN: Go that way.

So this can read.

This can tell us if there's any dangerous gases in the atmosphere.

And, it kind of gives us a percentage, an idea of what's going on.

But right now, it doesn't seem like what we're smelling is something that would be picked up on this.

I, smell-- Do, you smell, like manure?, Yeah?, That's, a dead, body., Yeah., Well, I.

Suppose now we start looking for a dead body.

Could be an animal.

Could, be a person.


I'm assuming I.

Don't need this thing, anymore.

Oh,! Do you think it's rotten food? It might be.

Start poking around the weeds.

It's coming directly from this.

Oh,? That's a dog.

Yeah, we're done.

Let's go home.

It's a dog.

What led you to that? the bones, size? Bone structure.

We, totally could.


What I was just thinking.


We responded for a call for a suspicious odor in the area.

There is an animal that's been run over multiple times, and is now flat, and smells terrible.

My concern is that we are the only agency to handle this, because the street department probably will not send the street sweeper.

The refuse department won't do anything with it.


We are going to attempt to flush it down the sewer.

Is it turkey? Oh, OK.

This is definitely not what I thought of when I was in the Fire Academy.

And just a little context, Brent is the biggest germophobe, and he is hosing this down, like it doesn't matter.

I'm, never touching that hose again.


Is it so crazy out tonight? She, upstairs?, Yeah.

You OK? Where? Exactly? Does it hurt in your leg? The knee? --other leg out, too.


Does it hurt? Yes.

She literally ran over my leg.

That should be good.


I see some swelling, yeah.

We're going to get you in the chair.


You just hold on.

There, you go.

Put your bottom, all the way back, here.

To, your left.

All, the way back to your left.

Try and keep scooting your bottom back.


Don't want to go to the hospital? Hold on, Danny.


I know, listen to me.

Look at my leg.


You want to get that checked out to make sure nothing's broken? - I'm good.

I'm good.

Look at this.

Look at this.

You want to make sure nothing's broken though, right? You, look at this., I do., You tell--.

This was an accident.

I'm getting out your car.

[Bleep] I want this [BLEEP] arrested.


That's why we want to take you to the hospital, to make sure nothing's broken.

OK? So.

You don't want to go to the hospital? Look at my leg.

Get them-- But.

Look at my leg.


You accept this?, I, would.

If that was me.

I would go to the hospital and get checked.


So you're OK, with going to the hospital then? Yes, the police are going to come to the hospital, finish their report, and then go do everything they need to do.

So you're, OK, with-- OK.


You need to go to the hospital, so they can, A, check you out, but B.

They need to do a full, report.



You need to get that checked.

Out., OK., We're, good now.


Was she parked when you were-- So, she was parked, though? And you were getting out and then she-- OK.

Well, like I said.

The police are going to meet us up, there, and they're, going to do everything they need to.

But until then.

You need to worry about yourself, and try and make sure everything's-- I understand.


But you've got to-- Look at my leg.

You can see.


Look at this.

We are here.

We're, going to get you inside now.

OK? We're, arriving on scene to an MVC of a school bus.

Possibly a woman shot in the leg.

So we're just going to go ahead and see.

What's going on with the patient.

Once we get to her.

33 on scene.

Looks like we need a stretcher right, away.

One, two., One, two, three., Her, femur's, broken.

You need help back.

Here? You want me to do.

Triage? I think we might be good back here.


Can you find out if we have more patients, please? She's shot in the leg.

Can I get this jacket off of you? Yeah.

Why was my leg feel like it's like rotating like-- Because your bone is broken.

Ok? We've got a lot of blood coming out, there, OK.

Am I--.

Do you think I'm gonna be OK? Huh? Am, I, gonna, die? - No., - No.

We're, going to do everything we can for you, OK? OK.

This hurts so bad.

What can I do to make you more comfortable?.

- I got you.

All right, you ready? Oh! OK! Ow.

I'm sorry, I got a hold pressure on here, OK? I'm sorry.

- OK.




Can we get a driver? We got to go.


Oh! I know., I, know., I, know.

I know it hurts.

But you're--.

Look at me.

Look at me., You're bleeding, OK? - Mm-hmm.

I got to keep pressure on here., Mm-hmm.

I know it.


How old are you? 20.

20? Can, you come hold pressure for me? I got it.

It's the biggest bone in your body.

That's broken., But you're, doing pretty good.

Will somebody call my mom, please? We'll get on it, OK? Just one second here.

We're, urgent., One, yellow patient on board.


Are you doing on me? All, right.

So? You didn't know who this was? Nothing else like that?, some random person just pulled up next to you? All right., Hello?, Oh!, Oh, [MUTED].

Talk to me.

This hurts., I, know.


Was it a bullet wound? Or? Was it somebody crashing into the bus? No,? You got shot.

There's a bullet hole, there.

That's, weird, as [MUTED].

And, then the car, I kept driving around the scene after the crash.


So I'm, going to have you hold pressure.

I'm, going to hop out and keep traction while he unloads.

And, then I'll take back over pressure once we're out.

All right We had a very chaotic scene.

There was a school bus that looks like it was crashed into a house.

We had another vehicle on past that.

That had damage to it.


Firefighters pointed me in the direction of our patient, who had a gunshot wound to her upper thigh.

We checked her out to make sure she hadn't been shot anywhere, else.

And, then after that, getting some IV access so that if we needed to give her fluids to bring her blood pressure up, or if she needed to get blood here at the ER, they had the ability to do that.

Oh, let's see.

56-year-old male.


Serious, bleeding., Peripheral, location., [INAUDIBLE], What?, Medic, two., All, right.


She get you with? - How long ago.

Did this happen? About 20 minutes, ago.

20, minutes., No, just blood came out.


She get you anywhere else that you know of? No.

As far as I know.


All the blood.

You want to grab my light? Yes.

All right.

Can I drive myself to Barnes? I mean-- it's up to you, man.

Probably-- we're already here, man.

We'll take you.

- We'll run you up there.

We'll run you up.

I'm, just going to check you out here real quick.

Looks like she got some of your hair, too? She pulled it all.




Yeah I'm, going to go back here, see if there's something sitting back here, OK? You know what type of knife it was? - I didn't see.

The knife.

- You didn't see.


The knife came from out of nowhere.


[INAUDIBLE] asleep.

I woke up because somebody was beating on my door.

Oh, OK.

Yeah, there's nothing back, here, Kyle, so hard to say what it was: with.

What's up? There's, nothing back, here, so hard to say what it was.


We can run him out to the truck.

Pd can talk to him in there while we're getting vitals and stuff.


This blood came out the shirt.

From, my arm.


There's a lot in there.

You ready? We got a stretcher waiting for you.


We'll, get you down there and check you.


Because, like I said, I'm, just worried about that spot.

Your left, leg, too.

You, said it's your arm, but I just want to make sure.

There you go.

What kind of medical history.

You got, man? Diabetes, high cholesterol., OK., Blood, pressure?, OK.


Take a look at that leg.

Make sure! There's nothing going! On.


I'll get a blood pressure, real quick, and we'll start an IV.

I, don't think the leg was bleeding.

Yeah, we just want to make sure.

I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I, don't see a hole, but there is a ton of blood down there.


Just give me a second.

Let me get this arm straight over here.

Yeah, all right.


Just want to be safe than sorry.


We're good.


You, don't got to be tall for a knife, though.

You can't-- You can't-- Yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Especially, when they got a knife.

Looks like we're about to pull in.


Get you inside, they'll fix you, up.

OK? I can't allow you to smoke on the stretcher.

I think we might be going out to triage.


Once the nurses see you real quick, they should let you walk out for a little bit.

A few bumps coming out of here, OK? Watch your feet.

Life status, unknown.

So, it could be anything.

Somebody, taking a nap.


Who knows.

Truck 10 is on the scene.

We're investigating.

All right, want to walk over to the ambulance with me? Mm-hmm.

We'll, climb up on in here, and get you going.

Go ahead and step right over here.

She got assaulted by another female.

She got some cuts to her face.

That's about all.

We know right.

Now., It's, dried.

It happened about an hour.



Young lady got in a fight with some gal, and-- You think that was gunfire?.

We may have another scene.

I was going to say.

We might get the shooting right up.

The street.

Shooting up on [INAUDIBLE] We're, headed to a shooting.

We, don't know how many patients, or the status a of anything.

We, actually heard the gunshots on our last call.

[INAUDIBLE] quarters.


They got the tape.


Well, there's one female that shot in the leg.

And I, don't know about the second patient yet.

Truck 34.

Shot in the arm, Hello? Hello.

I'll have to strip your sleeves, OK? Oh! I'm, going to put your phone right.

Here, OK? You got any medical problems, ma'am? [INAUDIBLE], Anything, you're allergic to?, No.


Do me a favor? Wiggle.


Push down against my hands.

All right.

Straighten, that arm up for me, sweetie.

1049 times 2212.

Sinus tach, 115., Yeah., Yup.

It looked like possibly the right thigh on the outside.

Hit it again.

I, don't know.

I was out-- we was outside., I was standing outside, and somebody started shooting.

And I just ran in to the club.

And I jumped.

Fell down to get down.


When I fell, I got shot.

I would think!.

I was calling my fiancé for him to come and get me.


But I guess his phone was dead.

And I was just telling my cousin I want to go.


I should just went.


I should have just followed.

My personality, just told her to leave.

(TO PHONE) What? A lot of people get shot at that place, and outside that place.


I'm, still in the ambulance.

We haven't got to the hospital yet.

I'm in-- I'm, going to the front part of the emergency.


You see my ambulance pulling in Yes I'm pulling in now.

Straighten You need the-- Ahrgh!, [MUTED], Like, damn! He, getting on my [MUTED] nerves.


He don't listen.


Give me some tape.

You good.


All right, coming out.

A couple of bumps, OK? Off [INAUDIBLE], South, 9th., A fall, not dangerous body, area., 23-year-old male conscious and breathing.

Seems, completely alert.

Not, dangerous body.


He is still on the ground or floor.

(ON RADIO) Patient found.

(ON RADIO) Patient found.

What's going on? What were you--.

You were just walking? Yeah, I jumped, and uh-- Jumped? Didn't land, good., OK., Any, medical problems? You have any medical, problems?, No.

Take any medicines on a daily basis?, No.

You allergic to anything? Uh, food allergies., Yeah., No, no, no.

This is a little [MUTED] It's very odd.

One of you want to hold the other side of that stretcher for me? - Got it., Ready? - Yep.

Everything on that left, leg., One, two, three.

Everyone comes out to look.

There, you go buddy.

There'll, be more [INAUDIBLE] Good job.

There, you go.

You cool.

If I give you some morphine? Yeah.


He's, like, Yeah!, (CLAPPING), [MUTED], Yes, please!, You're, pretty calm!, I, hope you know.

That's my favorite sock.

Is it? Well.

You still got one left.

Oh, that's good.

Don't! Let us have all the fun, bro.

You have a bunch of [INAUDIBLE].


Getting morphine, so.

We'll make sure we do whatever we need to take care of you, bro., Thank, you., [INAUDIBLE] Hey, still have fun: tonight! All, right? Oh,! Don't you worry.

We'll have a blast.

They got--! That's what Ubers are for, dude.

Yeah, that's right.

That's! What Ubers are for, bro.

We'll? Get you taken care of though, no matter.


Don't feel bad about this.

- Thanks, buddy., I'm, glad.

It makes it more memorable.

So Central Illinois, a bunch of guys.

I'm, going to go with somebody's getting married.

You are right.

The guy.

That was just there.

That one right: there? Yep., Andy, big smile, bro., Oh, no! It's, all in good fun! They're.

All your buddies.

Mine would do the same.


I guarantee it.

Why go to Vegas when you can come to St.

Louis? I'm, going to give you a full dose, but I'm going to push it real slow.

It could make you feel nauseous.

Let me know.

Immediately, and I can give you something for that.

As well.


What happened? I didn't-- you stepped down off the curb? So.

Somebody pointed out that the stop sign looked like it was made of cardboard.

So I had to jump up and smack it, of course.

Oh, no! Was, it? And next thing, I knew, I hit the ground.

Danny, you doing all right, brother? Yeah.


Are you guys hanging around? I was-- I actually had to talk to [INAUDIBLE], so I was out.


I wanted to make sure you were all right.

You, guys, gotta get rolling, though.

I know.

I, know., There's-- there's-- tequila, shots., It's, past 10.

I just wanted to-- Gotta get those shots.

You're still doing.

Good, though? Yeah, I'm, good., Thanks, buddy., Let, us know., Whatever, you need, dude. - I, will., Thank, you., All, right., Take care of yourself.


Are you ready? Yeah, we're ready.

We're, not able to differentiate whether or not it's fractured or just dislocated.


It's dislocation, ortho could just pop it right back in tonight.


You might just have to wear a splint for a few days.


You do me a favor and hold on to that bag? Make sure it doesn't fall off when we're pulling you out.


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Production. In 2019, A&E began developing a spin-off of Live PD called Live Rescue focusing on emergency rescue calls as opposed to police calls. Ashleigh Banfield was the first host of the series.

What happened to the show live rescue? ›

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Live Rescue is not canceled, A&E hasn't made a decision on its future yet.” And since the second season of the show ended in March 2020, it's understandable why fans are concerned. While the news is still unsettling, there could be a slew of reasons as to why the show has paused.

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Rescue 911 is an informational docudrama television series that premiered on CBS on April 18, 1989, and ended on August 27, 1996. The series was hosted by William Shatner and featured reenactments (and occasionally real footage) of emergencies that often involved calls to 911.

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Rescue 911 was initially sold to CBS as two primetime specials. The first hour-long program premiered to high ratings on April 18, 1989.

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