Face to Face for Youth: Trust in the Lord (2023)

The world is crumbling at our feet.The skies are filled with gray.

The Savior’s calling to His sheep.And He will lead the way.

We know His voice. We’ve heard itbefore. We know the words he says. He is the light. We’ll followHim to the end.

Fire’s may burn, and storms may rage. When darkness comes, we’ll find our wayback home. We will trust in the Lord.

Though tears may fall andfriends may leave, we see His light, and that’s where wewill go. We will trust in the Lord.

We will trust in the Lord.

We won’t be blinded by the rain. The path we’re on is clear.

There may be mountains on the way, butwe choose faith, not fear.

He opens our eyes, fills us with peace, lifts up our weary souls.

He is the light and

we’ll never be, we’ll never be alone.The fires may burn and storms may rage.

When darkness comes, we’ll find our wayback home. We will trust in the Lord

Though tears may fall and friends may leave, we see His light, and

that’s where we will go. Wewill trust in the Lord. We will trust in the Lord with all of our hearts.We will trust in the Lord,

We’ll trust in the one who made us all.

The fires may burn, and storms may rage. When darknesscomes, we’ll find our way back home.

We will trust in the Lord, the Lord.

Though tears may fall and friends mayleave, we see His light, and that’s where we will go. We will trust in the Lord.

We will trust in the Lord.We will trust in the Lord. Hallelujah!

Dear Heavenly Father,

we are grateful that we are able to gather today.

We are thankful that you havegiven us the resources to do so.

Please help us feel the Spirit today

and always as we navigate thisdifficult world around us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Hey, everybody. Welcome to the2022 Face to Face event.

We're so glad you've joined us.My name is Joe. And I’m Kaylee. Our theme todayfor the whole year is “Trust in the Lord.” It’s part of our ongoingeffort to strive to be like Jesus Christ in every part of our lives. Just like we’re invited to do soin the Children and Youth Program. That’s right! The phrase “Trust in theLord” comes from a scripture in the Book of Proverbs. But today we'regoing to do more than read a scripture and talk about it. We're going to find out whatit looks like in your life and mine to trust in the Lord.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. [Non-English speech]

Hi, I’m Brother Wilcox. The othermembers of the Young Men and Young Women General Presidenciesand I are on a mission. We want to find out how youare trusting in the Lord.

I'm here at an early morningseminary class. You can tell they're just getting outof bed. Hey, come here, you guys. How are you trusting in the Lord? Um, reading my scriptures every day, prayer, the sacrament. Are you reading your scripturesevery day?

Okay, yeah, not every day, but most days.

So what helps remind you to readthe scriptures?

Um, an alarm on my phone, like,my mom asking me to.

For me, it's following the promptingsthat the Holy Ghost gives me every day and trying, even if they'renot something that I quite understand why it's given to me. Actually, I didn't do it myself.It was my mom. Even though—Gotta love moms!

Gotta love moms!I gotta love my mom. She’s the one that actually said, “Okay,just—it will come. Just have patience. I know this is a trial. Everybody has trials.” I want you to look right atthe camera and say, “Thanks, Mom.”

Thank you, Mom.

For me, a big one is praying. I prayevery night and every morning, and just having that constantcommunication is really big, I think, for always being able to trust the Lord. Because if you don’t—if you know him,you can trust him.

Oh, I love what you said. If youknow him, you can trust him.

Oh, great insights. Okay. How do youtrust the Lord with all your heart?

Well, throughout my life, I’ve learned that it’s okay to not know, and it's okay to not know what's goingto happen next in your life.

My favorite hymn is “Where Can I Turn for Peace?”And one of my favorite

phrases in that hymn is “reaches my reaching.” Well, for me, the past couple monthshave been really difficult.

It’s almost felt like He hasn’t beenthere for me, occasionally, but it was back in December when I gota text message from one of my friends, and it was a Light the World. And shewas telling me how much she loved me. And I realized that that’s what I wasmissing, and that’s what I needed. And that’s kind of like how Iknew He was there for me. And so it's just kind of the littlethings in my life that I've noticed that He’s—that He’s there for me,that I can trust in Him. So.

Thank you. So we're in a time in ourlives in high school where you have to make a lot of big decisions. And so obviously you want to let theLord help you make sure that you're on the path that He wants you to be on.

And so for things like college, I waslike, “Where am I going to go? I don’t know what to do. Ihave a plan.” That’s big. Yeah. And so I was praying one time andI was like, “Where should I go?” And I just got this voice inmy head that was like, “Why are you asking where you should gowhen you haven’t even researched it yet?” Like, I just think it’sinteresting when you, like, rely on the Lord, He actually trusts youa lot more than you think, and He wants you to try and learn for yourself what you shouldbe doing with your life. So He trusts you as you trust Him.

I’m here with Alina, I’m here withAlanna, and I’m here with Aidan.

All your names start with A. That meanswe have got the A team right here.

Aidan, you’re from Missouri, and Alanna,you’re from Kansas, and Alina, you’re from California, but youall have one thing in common:

FSY. Let’s talk about yourFSY experience. What were some of the activitiesthat really got you excited?

Oh my goodness, definitely the dances.Those were so fun, just being able to hang out witheveryone and dance with the leaders. I have, like, videos of my phone ofthe leaders dancing, and I like them a lot. They're so funny. Yeah.

Those counselors can–can bust a move,can’t they? Yeah.

What about you, Aidan?

Pizza night was where it was at.

We, you know, we'd been having all thesespiritual experiences and also the fun ones, and then we just got togo, and we got, like, several pizzas. We didn't actually eat all of it, which was surprising between 11 guys.It was such a cool experience.

Oh, that’s fun. Alanna, doyou remember game night?

Yes. I was going to say, that was probably one of my favoritemoments was Game Night, which—

Now we're not talking electronic games.We're not talking board games.

Tell them a little bit about thegames we're talking about.

Yeah. So I love these games,because they were outside and they were very active, and you wereable to run around and so fun. But then I loved how our counselors wereable to tie that into the gospel. With each game, they would teach it tous, and we would go through the game, and then they would explain to ushow that pertained to the gospel. And I thought that was awesome.

Alina, how did FSY help you learnto trust in the Lord?

I feel like for me, FSY helped merealize that when I’m going through trials and when I’m going throughtemptations, just to have faith. The testimony meetings and all likethe lessons that they taught, that the leaders taught, there weresome pointers that they said that

really did mention trusting in the Lord. So it was really amazing to go throughall these classes and all these different devotionals and to beable to grow my testimony and learn more about myself andmy relationship with my Savior and Heavenly Father—and to understandthat I’m a daughter of God, and He loves me, and He’s aware of me. And He has a plan for me, and He’sgoing to place me where He wants me.

It seemed like every personal gospelstudy, every devotional, every talk, everything was about whywe're here, who we are.

And I gained a really deep testimony ofmy relationship with my Heavenly Father that—I think about it every daysince FSY, because it’s had such a profound impact on how I’m able totrust in God, because I know Him and I know the relationship I have with Him. And because of that, everything elsethat I think I need to know, I don’t really need to know, becauseI can trust in that relationship until this is all figured out.

Love that. So many people say, “Oh,the youth of today are horrible. The youth of the day, the youthof today have problems. The youth of today are all messed up.”

But they’ve never had the chancethat I’ve had to stand at an FSY and watch you play games and watchyou dance like maniacs

and watch you sing,

and to just feel the hope.The hope of the world, the hope of Israel, the hope forthe future. Looking at you,

there’s just not a betterfeeling in the world.

Wow. Those experiences reallymake me want to go to FSY.

I agree.

If this is your year to go to FSY,sign up and show up.

You’ll definitely come to knowthe Lord better at FSY.

And like one of those seminary studentssaid, if you know Him, you can trust Him.

Lean not unto thine own understanding.

[Non-English speech]

How do we trust in God? How do we—

we’ve talked about several ways, buthow do you guys trust in God, like in school, for example?

Benjamin? Well, if I’m havinga hard time at school, like an exam or something,

then I pray and I trust in God, becauseI know He’ll be able to help me.

He'll be able to help me get an answer,even if it's not right there. I know He’ll be with me and thatHe’ll help me. Very good. President

Oaks always teaches us to trustin God, and that trust is powerful.

What else? When you trustin God...maybe at school...

Yes, Sam?

There’s a lot of things that—a lot ofbad things at school, like drugs, maybe,

people that smoke and all that stuff.

And it’s more about thinking aboutwhat’s right than just being with them,

so that people can seeyou're with friends

and stuff like that. And there are alsomany other people at school that are like that. And where it's notso much about the friends, it’s more about what others think,what they believe,

in order not to do those things.

Well, like many have already said, one of the problems we have at schoolis the people that are around us,

and for the most part, the one we shouldbe closest to is the Holy Ghost.

He guides us where we need to goand who we need to be with and all of that. And we need to seekfor the gift of hearing Him all the time at school or wherever. Weneed to hear Him where He is.

He guides us in all of that. Wow, soyou’re talking about revelation.

You guys can all receive revelation,you know?

You guys know you can all receiverevelation, right? Very good.

I am here with my wonderfulgranddaughter, Jacey.

Jacey and I were rakingleaves one day, and she told me an amazing experiencethat she had had concerning trusting in the Lord and how that played a pivotal role in her life.

So would you be willing to sharethat with us? I would.

So recently I heard somethings at school,

especially from some of my friends thathad some doubts about the church. I was kind of curious and started toresearch some things like online,

and I've learned that there's a lot ofinformation out there, good and bad.

And I started to question my faith inJesus Christ and in the church. But then I remembered a seminarylesson that we had had a couple of weeks back, and it was aboutJoseph Smith in Liberty Jail. And we talked about how he had beenthrough this really hard time, this kind of depressing time. And something that he did was he startedto pray instead of turning away.

And he prayed to the Lord, andhe said, “Where art thou?”

And that's kind of howI felt right then. And so I prayed to Heavenly Father,

and I got this feeling from the HolyGhost that the Church was true and that I needed to findbetter sources.

And so I went to somesmart people I knew, such as grandparents and the bishop.

And something the bishop said thatreally meant a lot to me is, he said, “Doubt your doubts beforeyou doubt your faith.”

What would you tell the youththat are watching right now? What advice would you have for themabout trusting in the Lord?

You can't just go off what your parentssay or what your church leaders say. You have to really pray for yourselfand to read the scriptures, because there’s so much good informationand good things that— and the Holy Ghost—that can testifyto you that the Church is true

and that you can have a testimony evenif you don't know everything.

So what you’re saying is that ifyou want to know something,

you’re going to have to do something.Exactly. Is that right? Yes. Well, thank you for sharingthat experience, because I think so many people canrelate to your experience. So, anyway, I love you. Love you, too.

I honestly can relate to what Jacey andthose young men were talking about.

Isn't it interesting how oftenthings things like prayer and scripture study keep coming up?

Yes, I've noticed that, too.

There such simple things, but they make a huge differencein building our trust with the Lord. I agree. Check out thissong by Gabrielle Lorenzo from Brazil that captures that idea beautifully.


In all thy ways, acknowledge Him. [Non-English speech]

I'm Sister Craig, and I'm here with twoadorable sisters, Giovanna and Sophie.

Thank you so much for lettingme come to your home.

Yeah, I'm so excited to be here.

Giovanna, you had the wonderfulopportunity of participating in the filming for the Bookof Mormon movies,

and you were in one of my very favoritescenes when Jesus Christ visits the Nephites in the Americas.

Can you tell us a little bit about therole that you were playing and the experience you had? Yeah, I wasplaying the role of the blind girl,

the blind girl that getshealed by Jesus Christ.

This character, it shows her hardshipsand her journey to finding Christ.

And so that was very emotionalfor me and very touching.

Three days before the healing scene.Sophia here? Yeah. Yeah.

She was diagnosed with cancer, and so I went to the Book of Mormonvideo set, like, kind of like,

a little off. Like I was still myself.I was still having a cheery attitude. Like it felt a little off, knowingthat my sister was in the hospital.

So then we got ready, I went up with myblind contacts in, and we went up.

Christ held my head, and all I couldthink about was Sophia, like,

Jesus Christ not coming up to me,not coming up to the blind girl, but Christ coming up to littleSophia and Him healing her. I think that Sophia is very blessedto have you for a sister. And you, of course, are very blessedto have an angel sister. Yeah.

After that first hour of filming,

we went to lunch, and I came back.And I couldn’t get emotional. And I kept thinking, “WellI’m supposed to do this, I’m supposed to be emotional for thisscene to touch people’s heart.”

I tried to think about her again, andI was thinking about Sophia.

And the first thing I heard in my headis, “What about you, Giovanna?

What about you? You're special.You can do it. Be strong. Giovanna, you got this. Giovanna.”

And all these thoughts about lovingmyself, letting God love me.

That was the most incredibleexperience of my life. And I feel like that’s when I started,like, feeling better, started healing.

And I think it's so important that allof us realize that Heavenly Father, like you said, knows us,and He loves us. Yeah.

It really strengthened my testimonythat God cares about everyone, that He cares about you. Like He wantsyou to take care of other people, but He wants also—He wants you toalso take care of yourself. You know, there's going to be momentswhere you're going to feel very uncomfortable or very uncertainof the things you should do. But if you let Him lead the way—the more you do it, the more you’ll feel Him,

and the more you’ll feel Hislove and His compassion

and His will to help you. You alwayshave to look at the big picture.

We want to talk to you today to talkto you about having, you know,

trusting in the Lord. So howdo you know each other?

We're cousins.

You're all cousins. And whatelse do you have in common?

I’m a member of The Church of JesusChrist of Latter-day Saints.

And we trust in the Lord.

And. And you trust inthe Lord? Of course. Yes.

Are you going on missions? Yes. Doyou have mission calls right now,

that you’re going to go serve?

We’re waiting for our mission calls, president.

You're all waiting for yourmission calls. Yes. And do I understand that you have othermembers of your family that are serving missions already? Yes. How many more?

We have three cousins.Certainly, sir.

So you have three cousins now who areserving missions, and you are four more. So seven members of your family will beserving missions at the same time.

Can you tell us of a time whenyou have trusted in the Lord?

My experience is whenthis pandemic came.

It's been so hard, my studies affectedand also our family income.

But I know and I prayed that if I trustand if you trust in the Lord,

He will provide our needs. So that's all I can do inthis time of pandemic, is to pray, read the scriptures,and go to church regularly.

That's beautiful. I know that, too.

I love Him and I want to showHim that I love Him by sharing the gospel and do what He commandedme to do. And in this pandemic,

all I can do is to trustGod and do His will.

Trusting in the Lord means you haveno doubt. You’re not doubting.

So you have a firm testimony that Godis there, that He will lead the way.

I know it’s hard, but Heavenly Fatherhelped me feel that He is there.

I know because I have this family thatHe loves me. He loves all of us.

And for that testimony, I can share withothers that amid the difficulties, the struggles that we are facing today,He is there, that He loves us.

Thank you so much. It soundslike your family shows a tremendous amount oftrust in the Lord.

You have to fall in love with theprocess of becoming great. I would say I have fallen in love withthis process of getting better every single day. And now it’sjust like, when I wake up and I'm excited to do that.

My name is Olivia Moultrie.

I'm 16 years old and I'm a midfielderfor the Portland Thorns in the National Women's Soccer League, and I’m the youngest playerto play in the League. I've been a professional sinceI was 13 years old, but I made my debut thisyear at 15 years old.

I had my first goal andmy first assist at 15, which is the youngest in league history.

Olivia, tell us about your journey. Tellus about your life right now. You're 16 years old. Tellus about Olivia.

Well, we can just start fromtotally the beginning. I mean, first and foremost, I’malways a daughter of God,

obviously. We’ve always had thislist, and it goes our faith, family, and then soccer. So, I mean, no matter how important my goals areto me and just what I do every day, that—those two things willalways come first for me.

I love that you said, “ObviouslyI’m a daughter of God.” Yes.

That is powerful to know—obviously—that that’s who you are.

In terms of just balancing life, considering how young I amand being a professional, the first thingI would say is just I always have this groundingpresence of knowing that I always have somebody to pray to,somebody to talk to, and our Heavenly Father. And that's the thing that can always bring meback down from being nervous or feeling like I have a lotof things to juggle. And I pray before every game. Like, before the kick-off happens, I’ll be standing on the field,and I’ll just say a quick prayer like in my heart. And I have done it since I’vebeen like ten years old, and I'll continue to do it forever. And it just gives me this one last,like, deep breath of, like, I know this is going to be okay.

Okay. So the Prophet invitedall of us to gather Israel.

And the first group he invitedwere the youth.

Why do you think he invitedthe youth first?

I think he knows and the Lord knowsjust how big of an impact that the youth can have on each other, but also just that the youth haveon the world, just our light and energy. And I think we kind of justbring this like real excitement. So good. I think you'reabsolutely right. I think the youth have an energy anda power within them that makes a huge difference. The influenceis enormous.

When you continue to do the rightthings, when you go to church, when you read the scriptures,listen to the prophet, and just try to make yourselfas close to God as possible,

He reaches out to you. He seesthe effort you're putting in. And some of the apostles have said itand the Prophet said it recently in an Instagram post, just saying thatlike effort counts with the Lord and us trying to do theright things over and over again eventuallyleads to blessings. And so I just think continuingto do the things we can to be the closest to Him, He’ll tellus what He needs us to do.

That's so cool. You can reallytell those youth gain a lot of strength from knowing thatthey are children of God.

Totally. I think I learned fromthem that part of trusting in the Lord is making Him the mostobvious part of our lives.

I agree. Mackenzie Hatch and EliNelson are from Colorado, USA.

They had a chance to talkto Garrett Bowles, a professional American football player,

who learned that whenyou trust the Lord, He directs your path—sometimesto unexpected places.

Eli, what would youlike to ask me? One of my favorite stories that you tell iswhen you’re standing outside on the curb with all of your belongingsand nowhere to live. And a family took you in andgave you three rules. What were the three rulesthat they gave you?

One of the biggest rules is to goto church, because church is a place where you can fellowship,you can feel the Spirit. Another one was turning in my phone atnight. It eliminated those distractions, right, with social media and all thosethings that we deal with these days.

I look back, and I say, well, I didn’thave those distractions. Those were the times where I couldreally dig into the scriptures. I could really find outwhat my testimony was. Another one was paying my tithing.

I think that's been a huge blessingin my life to this day. So what are the type of like day-to-daythings that you started doing or implementing into your life thatactually brought out your trust unto the Lord? I really think it startedwhere—when I was at home,

when I would turn in my phone at nightand I would really just have a couple of hours before I goto sleep of really focusing on

reading my scriptures. During that time, I would meet with my bishop, one on one.

You know, a bishop is not somewhere thatwe should feel afraid to go talk about our problems. He's going to giveyou things to push you, because that's what theLord wants you to do. And I remember going in there,

and I've told them everything that I'vedone in my life, all the bad things, all the good things I've done, allthe things that, you know, that I wasn’t proud of doing. But I knew I needed to do that so that Ican have a clean slate with the Lord.

And I remember looking tothe left, and it was

Jesus Christ in the Gardenof Gethsemane. And...sorry.

And I remember that Spirit hit me likeit is right now of how much He does love and care for us and howmuch He felt all the pain and suffering that we’ve ever done.Anything that we felt, that we’ve hurt,

He’s hurt. Anything that we felt sorrow,He felt sorrow. That moment, when He did that,He did it because He loved us.

And I knew if He’s going to love me,I need to love Him. Not just one foot in and one foot out like I’ve lived my life for so long, or one foot off the edge and one foot onthe edge. I have to truly love Him.

And when I did is when I knewI needed to serve a mission. And any time I struggle or anytime I go through something, I always reflect back on thatpicture because that's what the Lord wants us to know, that Hedoes love us. How about you guys? What are three things that that reflectin your life to trust the Lord?

I feel like the three things that havemade me who I am today is church, family, and sports. Yeah, I’m verysimilar on those things as church, family, and sports. I’m arecent convert, so coming to the churchhas saved my life.

That's so cool. It's only that us three, we share so many similarthings, and I think it’s because of what we found throughthe Church, and what we found through our testimoniesof being a member of this church, because being a member of thischurch is a special thing.

But one thing I want to tell you all isif you learn to trust in the Lord

and you learn to keep His commandments,

He’s going to put you guys in placesthat you never thought before. And that’s what He’s done to me. And like I remember, there’s multipletimes where my teammates was sick,

and I got to bless them, and I gotto talk to them about my church. And everyone knows I don’tdrink or smoke.

And before they used to bug meabout it, but now they don't. Because I know I’ve trusted inthe Lord, and I’ve stuck up for what is right. And I know whenI do that, He’s going to bless me and He’s going to prosper me and putme in places where I never thought I would ever be. I knowif you guys do that, you're going to feel the same lovethat I feel for the Savior.

And He shall direct thy paths. [Non-English speech]

If you had a minute to speakto the youth of the church, what would you say to them?

Trust doesn’t have to be perfect.

None of us are perfect, and a lot of thetime, it’s really scary to trust. And even if you don't getit exactly right,

Heavenly Father will reward yourefforts in trying to get it right. I've had to show faith in the Lordthroughout the whole process of going on a mission so far.

Tell me about that. What was so hardabout coming on a mission?

I'm pretty scared of people.

I'm not one to go outand talk to people, which is a little contradicting to whatI'm going out to do on a mission.

And so just trusting that I will beenough, my abilities will be adequate, and that the Lord will strengthenme in my efforts.

So I play basketball at the Air ForceAcademy, and I’ve been there for a few years. And then goinginto my sophomore year,

I received a strong promptingto go on a mission. It was a little frightening.

It was a little bit at first, but itwas kind of a relief, too, I think— Covid, and just being in the last days, the world can get dark and dreary,and it’s so beautiful that the Lord gives us promptings and personal revelation that'smeant just for us.

If you had a minute to talkto the young women, the young men in the church abouttrusting in the Lord, what would you say to them?

I would say,

“Don’t tell Heavenly Father or JesusChrist how to help you,

because we really don’t know what weneed until we receive those blessings.”

We hope you enjoyed hearing thesefaithful disciples of Jesus Christ talk about what it means to trust inthe Lord. Now it's your turn.

How have you learned to trust Him?

Share your experiences on social mediaand with your friends and family, and look for additional opportunitiesto share

coming soon on the striveto be media channels.

Now we'll hear some concludingthoughts from Young Women General PresidentBonnie H. Cordon, and Young Men General PresidentStephen J. Lund. Then we’ll have a final musical number,“Be Thou My Vision” sung by full-time missionary servingin San Diego, California.

Thank you, Kaylee and Joseph.

I’ve been deeply moved bythe examples we’ve seen and your heartfelt answer to thequestion, “How do we trust in the Lord?” I wish we had timeto hear from each one of you,

but I hope you've been able to seea bit of yourself in some of the people we met today. We've heard,for example, that trusting the Lord with all yourheart sometimes means stepping out of our comfort zone and finding strengthand courage in the Savior's comfort.

It means that even though we don'tunderstand everything, we can know and trustthe Lord loves us.

It means acknowledging Christduring good times and bad,

trusting His wisdom, His love,and His power to heal,

and it means letting Him directour paths. I testify His way is the way topeace in this life and eternal joy with ourHeavenly Father.

As we’ve seen today, it’s one thingto say, “Trust in the Lord,”

but it's another to actually live it.

Thank you for showing us all what itlooks like to live by trust in the Lord. I want to share my personalwitness that Jesus Christ is worthy of our complete trust. He is the Sonof God and the Savior of the world.

He knows you perfectly, andHe loves you perfectly.

His power is available to all of us, no matter where we are or whatour challenges may be.

The more completely we trust Him,

the more completely we receiveHis power in our lives.

After the musical number, our closing prayer will be offeredin American Sign Language.

It's okay to keep your eyes open andwatch as he offers the prayer.

Thank you for trusting in the Lord. Andplease know how much we love you.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;

[Non-English speech]

and lean not untothine own understanding.

[Non-English speech]

In all thy ways acknowledge him, [Non-English speech] and he shall direct thy paths.” [Non-English speech]


Dear Heavenly Father, we thankThee for the opportunity to listen

to different messages and experiences

in trusting the Lord.

We’re thankful for the Prophetto help us and guide us.

We’re thankful for our leaders.

Please bless them as inspiration.

We’re thankful for Jesus Christand His atonement for us.

Help us to have the courage to choosethe right and follow the Holy Ghost.

We love Thee. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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