Evidence That Had Us Screaming This Season | Ghost Adventures | Travel Channel (2023)


The top 10 scariest moments from Ghost Adventures Season 19! See Zak, Aaron, Billy and Jay go far off and investigate abandoned sanatoriums, dozens of deaths, aggressive poltergeist activity and more!

Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin, along with A/V techs Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley, travel to haunted destinations where they meet with eyewitnesses and experts to piece together the haunted history of each site. They then begin a dusk-to-dawn lockdown investigation, using the latest technology to confront the reported paranormal activity and document key evidence in an effort to uncover the truth behind each haunting mystery.
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Ready? Ready.

Bloody Mary, Bloody, Mary, Bloody, Mary, Bloody, Mary.

Face, the mirror and open.

Billy starts feeling something around him.

All right, now get close to the mirror.

Put your hands on the counter.

Guys, again, I want you to close your eyes.


Your eyes.

We now ask permission to see through this portal.

On the count of three, I want you to appear.

On the count of three, we'll open our eyes.

One, two, three.

Show yourself.

Look at it.

My face is disappearing.


Now, it's back, now.

That was really weird.

When I opened my eyes, I, couldn't see my eyes.

They were just black sockets, and I.

Had no facial.


Who is here in this hallway? Come, ask a question.

So, who do we have with us tonight here in the hallway? One of the teachers, student? Or? Is there someone else here that was here before everything else was here? Can? We pass this threshold of this painted facade.

Here? What is your name? OK, hold on.

I just want to document.

It was absolutely silent.

Ok, hold on.

Who is here in this hallway? Whoa.


Listen to this.

Who is here in this hallway? Can.

We pass this threshold of this painted facade, here? Whoa., Wow.

What is this.

Bro? What is this, bro? Wow.


We pass this threshold-- Listen.

--of this painted facade here? What is your name-- And, a murder.

Oh, yeah.


And, a murder.

This EVP has full vocal tone.

We, clearly hear "and a murder." What is your name? What? Is your name? We prepare for our investigation, and as we audio slate, our cameras at nerve, center, Billy notices, something unexplainably move, and it's captured on camera.

Slate nerve.

The [BLEEP] was that?, What was that?, That thing just jumped off of there., What was that?, That bag? Yeah.

I have no idea.

I heard it hit.


Did you hear, it? It went like--.

It went like this.

I heard, like metal, go, ting, as well.


You hear that? Well, that was sitting right.


I, don't know how that jumped off of there.

We can't conclude that this is paranormal, but we aren't able to explain it.


We're not going to leave here till we get answers.


There have been women that have been severely affected.


They have been attacked.


We are going to draw you out.

Whoever, you are, whatever negative spirit you are, we are going to come after you, and we're not going to leave.

Do something right now in the house to give us a warning.

Just as I say: this, watch what happens to our X camera.

That is filming us right, now.

Can! You come to this door right, here?, Hey, that camera just went: off.

What, the hell? That just shut off., It, did.

It, just shut off by itself.

It just-- What, the hell? Whoa, and it just turned on.

It, just turned on by itself.

Not only does the camera turn off unexplainably, but it also turns itself back on.

Full, battery., Zak? Yeah? That has a full battery.

It stopped recording, powered itself, off, powered itself back on.


You just turn the camera off? Was that you? The next piece of audio evidence is extremely chilling and could explain why only I felt so deeply affected.

OK, and then the final one, which it says "Bigins" or "Bagans" plain as day.

It was none of us.

We didn't say-- This is when you guys-- I.

Remember vaguely you guys saying something said my name.


I, didn't-- I, don't recall, hearing anything.

Yeah, and it doesn't sound like any of us.

Whoa! This troubling EVP, with full vocal tone, was captured on a digital recorder.

You hear that? To hear a class A EVP calling my name in a building that has seen multiple suicides has me feeling intensely unsettled.

And, that's really close to the-- to the-- That's, a man's voice.

--digital recorder, too.


That's like Bagans right over your shoulder.

Right? I mean.

You did not hear that.

All right, let me-- I got to get close for this.

Let me hear that again.

I mean, that's the creepiest thing to hear.

Is you hear vocal tone.

You hear somebody talking to us, and it's none of us.


That's a very, very disturbing voice.


I'm, going to put one of my balls on top of the book.

Here, OK? I'll put a couple.


If you touch those balls, they'll light up.

Can you go over to that stack of books, there, and speak into that little red light, and tell me who you are?, Were you the spirits that were talking to my friends in the basement? Can.

You knock one of those balls off the top of the books? Whoa, whoa, Jay! Why did that just go off?, Look! I see.

Why? Is it going--? The ball is going off.

Jay! You know how hard it is for those to go.

Off? It's going off.

It's going off.

You're getting that, right? You got that? I'm seeing it, too.

It was setting us up.

Yeah, I got it on my camera.

A little bit, too.

You probably got it on that one.

That was awesome., And Jay.

You know you have to touch that., I know, and it's difficult.

You have to touch that really hard.


You make that ball light up.

Again? Oh my God, thank you! Thank you, thank you! Can.

You hear us? Are, you mad at Marina for what she was saying? Was that-- What was that? Did.

You hear that? Yeah.


That came from your-- that phone.

That came from in there.

Came through your phone.

Came through there, right? Yeah.

I want everyone to listen very closely to this unexplained voice.

That just came from the empty house.

To my phone.

This is an incredible piece of audio evidence.

Was that-- What was that?.

A male voice, just told us to not bother.


Who is this? Henry Levy? Or.

Perhaps the mysterious man who was found dead face first in their pond? It was upstairs.


It came through my phone through your speaker.

Hello? Whoa.

What was that.

I just heard.

A woman, I think.

What was that?.

Another creepy voice comes through, but not as strong as the first one.

We think.

We hear very faintly, "can.

You hear the dead?" Hello? I'm just scanning real quick.

I'm, just looking for shadows or-- because we're out here, alone.

As, Billy zooms in near the scoreboard.

Posts, he captures what appears to be a very tall, slender, shadow figure as seen here.


When we zoom in, you can actually see this tall dark shadow figure appear to be standing on the right-hand side of the scoreboard post before it starts.

Moving from right to left.

This is absolutely incredible.

Visual evidence., Because of the small LCD display, Aaron and Billy have no idea what they just captured., Hello.

Show yourself right, now.

You're such a coward.

You killed yourself, swallowed, a bunch of pills and escaped.

Show me, your anger.

Show me, your rage.

Do something.

Move, something on this floor.

Was it in this room? Is this.

Where you did it? After, you tried to kill your daughter? Was it you that moved the stick? Move another stick.

Knock something over.

Kill your wife.

With a hammer.

Are, you [BLEEP], kidding me? Piece of [BLEEP].

Try to kill your kids.


Think you're, a [BLEEP] coward.

I should not have done.



What, the [BLEEP] was that? I, don't know.

It landed-- something just got: thrown.

It landed right by me.


What was it? I don't know.

It sounded like.

It landed just-- I can't see, but it sounded like.

Something landed right.

In front of me.

All of a sudden, Aaron, Jay, and I hear something get thrown.


And while we are all standing here, as seen on the thermal, this same camera incredibly captures a small rock appearing in the circle.

This is absolutely amazing.


But we heard you speaking to us.

You were answering our questions.

Can you show me how you come through the mirror? Oh my God, dude.

What? Did you get something? What the [BLEEP] was that? What? You guys, where are you at? We're right here.

You were out in the hall? Out in the hall.

Bro, what the [BLEEP] was that? I'm serious.

What the [BLEEP] was that? At this moment, I see something that absolutely shocks me beyond belief.

And to further analyze this capture, I immediately tell the guys we have to go review the footage.

I told you I got it.

[Bleep] told you.

As I, was standing in the room.

Alone, with Billy and Aaron outside in the hallway.


Aimed the XLS camera into a mirror at a 45 degree, angle, facing all of the other mirrors, when I noticed a very faint black figure that starts materializing.

That's, probably one of the best captures ever, dude.

I, don't think.

We've ever captured anything like that.

No, that was insane.


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